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About Terrace Safety

What We Do

Terrace safety specializes in placing Health & Safety and Emergency Medical professionals, related training and programs development.

We excel in placing strongly vetted professionals in these roles around energy, municipal, government, forestry, medical, transportation, manufacturing and other industries.

We strive to find the right professional for each position. We carry a strong focus to see our professionals continually develop which dovetails into our service offering to provide training for critical competencies through our classroom and online learning environments.

In the nature of working with such highly professional individuals, combined with our in-house abilities and experience, we are geared toward helping our clients enhance or build effective health and safety systems.

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Why Terrace Safety

Top-Notch Professionals, Expert-Led Training, Solutions-Oriented Systems.

Choose Terrace Safety because we are different.

Choose Terrace safety because we are different. We focus on a respect-first business model that values our professionals and clients above all else. We lead with respect which causes the best professionals to stick with us. We place a tremendous amount of effort into value-adds and fair business practices for our clients and professionals. Choose Terrace because we clearly out-shine our competitors, a notion well-known to our clients. Terrace is different.

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Transparently Organized

As a service provider, Terrace exists between the clients we serve and the professionals we hire. For this reason, being transparently organized is a cornerstone of Terrace. We ensure maximum transparency regarding our pay structure, our services and our professionals. Terrace takes this responsibility seriously because we believe that more information means more choice and ultimately more power in your hands.

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Solutions Orientated

Terrace believes in bridges not barriers. Success is the result of intelligent purposefulness; a decision to make it work. For this reason, being solutions oriented is our second cornerstone. Whether you need an advisor immediately, a safety program to achieve a COR that’ s overdue or another solution, we are here to make it work for you. This is what we do.

We also offer many solutions tailored towards Health and Safety professionals. Terrace Safety has partnered with the University of Fredericton to allow discounts to individuals enrolling in select safety programs.

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Leading Competence

From the very beginning we set out to provide health, safety and medical services differently from our competition. Rather than milling out professionals to cover gaps, we look to the longer term objectives of finding the right professional, retaining the very best and helping the professional to continually develop for themselves and for the companies they work for. To aid these objectives, we developed a health and safety competency program, negotiated many partnerships and offer many other advantages to ensure our professionals are the most competent in the industry.