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Welcome to Terrace Solutions, an exciting new project developed by Terrace Safety. Designed specifically for safety professionals, Terrace Solutions serves as an interactive resource to empower and connect our professionals with our management team, clients and industry partners.

This powerful new tool is available to all safety professionals as a free resource to help showcase your unique talents and competency profile to future employers. Additional capacities, modules and resources will become available as applicants progress through our candidate development processes.

For those interested in working with Terrace Safety, please submit a formal application via the careers page.

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Terrace Solutions Overview

Terrace Solutions is a comprehensive self-management system that provides a simple, cloud-based storage mechanism for the management of essential professional information. Terrace Solutions is capable of maintaining project/employment histories, up-to-date training records, contact information and availabilities in a convenient, centralized location.

Terrace Solutions is also a powerful self-marketing tool giving our safety professionals the ability to showcase the key skills and knowledge that differentiates them among other safety professionals. The simple web interface facilitates career advancement by offering customized and professional profiles, training and competency profiles, summaries of completed projects, professional achievements and personal development goals.

Synchronized with our competency development program, Terrace Solutions delivers a vehicle like no other to empower professionals with an industry leading competency assessment engine. Our competency program also exists to create a clear language between our safety professionals, Terrace Safety and our clients by providing a central platform for involved parties during the course of an assignment. With timely performance feedback, ongoing communication and personalized planning, Terrace Solutions encourages cooperation among involved parties and ensures continued success and development.

All in all, Terrace Solutions provides a long-awaited opportunity for health and safety professionals to have a powerful tool designed just for them to develop a comprehensive showcase of everything that they offer as a professional and get it in the hands of those who need it!


Terrace Solutions Security and Privacy

Ensuring the maximum protection and security of your information was a major priority throughout the development of the Terrace Solutions platform, and we have maintained it as a central focus throughout every aspect of its design, implementation and evolution.

All information and documentation entered, uploaded and stored in the Terrace Solutions platform is held in strict confidence between the specific user and Terrace Safety. And we have undertaken exhaustive effort to ensure that any user-provided information remain securely protected and hidden from all parties except Terrace Safety, Ltd. and the relevant user.

Information provided by users will be utilized by Terrace Safety for the purpose of recruitment and selection processes, as well as for showcasing our candidates to clients for positions in the oil and gas and industrial sectors. Information will be used anonymously for trending statistics within Terrace Safety. At no point will personal information gathered by Terrace Solutions be sold or given to any third party distribution or promotional lists.

Our development team has implemented a security strategy similar to those employed by government and financial institutions to achieve the highest standard of user protection possible. This strategy currently includes (but is not limited to): modern user authentication techniques, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection, data-encryption and HTTPS.


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